The multifunctional design structure should include all relevant features and thus of course also meet the requirements of the users.The heart of the pole is a control unit, which processes the different data inputs and outputs and transmits them to the respective user. Data transfer is possible in both directions. The control unit bundles the data and transfers the Information to the relevant location (municipal authorities, lighting manufacturers, energy suppliers, police, etc.). The biggest challenge lies in the supply lines, which go beyond the provision of an electricity connection that has been customary up to now.


The pole is made of aluminium (RAL-coated) with a max. of 9.0 m in height. The pole diameter is 200 mm. The innovative core of the multifunctional design structure lies in the three vertical ›ruts‹ into which the ›features‹ can be easily fixed without any major installation effort.


  • Individual lighting
  • Lighting management
  • Energy-efficient lighting (PV supply into the grid)
  • Energy self-sufficient lighting


Charging station

  • for E-Cars
  • for E-Bikes
  • for mobile phones


Traffic management

  • Traffic management and traffic control
  • Traffic density measurement
  • Parking management
  • Road signposts / signs
  • Traffic signal systems
  • Variable traffic signs



  • Video surveillance
  • SOS emergency button
  • Loudspeaker
  • Emergency lighting for ›Black-Out‹



  • WLAN
  • Info panel
  • Tourist information
  • Environmental and weather data collection
  • Passenger information display / bus stop


Added value

  • Seat
  • Work-out with ›energy recovery‹
  • Supply point for electricity / water
  • Town beautification (waste bins,...)
  • play point in parks
  • Advertising banners
  • Citylight for Advertising